Climate Fresk: A powerful tool for engaging employees in the climate challenge

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time and requires action from individuals, organizations, and societies. But how do you create engagement and understanding for this complex issue in the workplace? Climate Fresk, developed by the non-profit organization The Climate Fresk, is a proven concept that has already engaged over 1.6 million participants in 157 countries.


Climate Fresk is a scientifically based, educational card game that interactively teaches the basics of climate change. The game is created by Cédric Ringenbach who founded The Climate Fresk NGO and is based on IPCC reports. It engages participants through collective intelligence and collaboration and is suitable for both beginners and experts. Climate Fresk has already been translated into more than 45 languages and is used by organizations worldwide.


A Climate Fresk Workshop is a 3-hour session where participants in groups of 4-7 people collaborate to understand the causal relationships behind climate change. Using 42 cards illustrating different components of the climate system, a facilitator guides the participants and adds knowledge. The workshop concludes with a joint discussion about insights and next steps, followed by an hour of “debriefing” to discuss strategies and actions tailored to your organization.


A successful example of how Climate Fresk can be used in organizations is ABB’s Greener in Motion initiative. In collaboration with Climate Fresk, they educate employees about climate change to increase awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and circularity. 

“We have conducted seven workshops with ABB Motion’s Swedish organization to create insight into the mechanisms of climate change. Greener in Motion encourages dialogue and ideas on how we can reduce our environmental impact and how we can support our customers to become more sustainable,” says Peter Isberg, Digital Leader Business Area Motion, ABB AB.

Hanna Knaust, ABB Discovery Trainee and facilitator for Greener in Motion, adds: “We both can and want to be part of our customers’ sustainability journey. Energy efficiency is extremely important to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the fastest way out of the energy crisis. Therefore, the whole of society benefits from our customers, who are often energy-intensive, switching to energy-efficient motors.”

Another successful example is Saint-Gobain, which has set the goal of reaching 80% participation in Climate Fresk – a workshop to raise awareness of climate change – by 2025, which corresponds to a total of 132,000 employees. This commitment is part of a broader strategy to accelerate Saint-Gobain’s transition to a more sustainable future. Within this framework, Climate Catalysts was launched, an innovative community of employees who engage in climate and environmental issues. Their role is to generate ideas and proposals for concrete actions that are presented to management. 


Arranging a Climate Fresk Workshop is an effective way to raise climate competence in the organization. It creates engagement and a willingness to act, while stimulating innovation and team spirit. The workshop is easy to organize and can be adapted to your specific context. Klimatakuten together with The Climate Fresk NGO provides all necessary materials and support to conduct the workshop.


The effectiveness of Climate Fresk is supported by research showing that interactive learning and personally relevant climate information are successful methods for climate education (Monroe et al. 2019). 

A recent study at Schneider Electric also showed that participants report increased understanding, engagement, and behavioral changes after participating in Climate Fresk (Nordin & Wahlström 2022). 


Are you ready to take the next step towards engaging your employees in the climate issue? Contact us at PlanetPeople for more information or to book a Climate Fresk Workshop. We will help you get started and adapt the content to your needs. After the workshop, we will follow up and support your continued climate work.

Together we can create the change needed to meet the climate challenge. Let Climate Fresk and PlanetPeople become part of your journey towards a sustainable future.

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Per-Olof Hall

Writes about health and sustainability, combining unique insights with over 15 years of experience as owner and consultant at PlanetPeople AB.