Become a climate hero in just over 3 hours with Climate Fresk

Learn about climate science and get inspired to take action through a creative and engaging workshop

What is a Climate Fresk?

Climate Fresk is an interactive and educational workshop that teaches you the basics of climate change in just over 3 hours.

Through a creative card game, based on the UN’s climate reports, you get a clear overview of the causes and consequences of global warming.

How is the workshop structured?

  • Working in small groups of 4-7 individuals, you jointly create a visual “fresco” that illustrates the complexities of the climate system.
  • A skilled facilitator guides you through the activities, employing collective intelligence methodology.
  • After the card game, you engage in a creative reflection and dialogue about possible solutions and how you can make a difference.

Benefits of Climate Fresk

  • Gain a clear and fact-based understanding of climate change in an engaging way.
  • Create a shared knowledge base and a common language within the team/organization.
  • Be inspired to go from words to action and contribute to the transition.
  • Strengthen team spirit and the sense of being able to make a difference together.

Who can benefit from the workshop?

  • Everyone who desires to gain more knowledge about the climate – no previous expertise needed!
  • Businesses and organizations seeking to enhance internal awareness and commitment.
  • Students aged 10 and above – the workshop can be tailored 
  • Groups consisting of  7 – 14 participants (bigger groups are split into multiple simultaneous workshops).

Practical Information

  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Location: Online or at your physical premises
  • Language: Swedish or English
  • Price: Contact us for a quote