Uncover the hidden environmental footprint of electronics with The Digital Collage.

The Digital Collage is a captivating and informative 3-hour workshop designed to expose the concealed environmental footprint of electronic devices

What the workshop is about and how it is structured

  • The Digital Collage focuses on revealing the lesser-known environmental consequences of our increasing use of electronics.
  • Participants, in teams of 4-8 people, identify connections between cards that illustrate the environmental impact of electronics to build a visual “collage”.
  • Each group presents their collage, and the facilitator provides a detailed summary of the central messages.
  • A solution-oriented exercise at the end encourages discussion on how we can create a more sustainable digital world.

The educational approach of the workshop

  • The Digital Collage taps into the potential of collaboration and collective intelligence to engage participants.
  • The workshop adopts a “serious gaming” technique, transforming learning into an entertaining and interactive experience.
  • Topics covered

    • The workshop covers the hidden environmental and social consequences of our increasing use of electronics.
    • It highlights solutions for more sustainable electronics usage and enables open discussion about these important issues.

    Target audience

  • The Digital Collage is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about the hidden environmental footprint of electronics.
  • The workshop serves as a powerful team-building tool and brings participants together in the effort towards more sustainable electronics usage.
  • Benefits of Participating

    • Participants gain increased insight and understanding into the hidden environmental impact of electronics.
    • The workshop inspires people to take action for more sustainable use of electronics.
    • It fosters engaging discussions and promotes team spirit among participants.

    Practical Information

    • The workshop duration is 3 hours.
    • It is structured for groups of 4-8 participants per table.
    • The workshop can be delivered both in-person and online.

    In essence, The Digital Collage utilizes a data-driven and interactive approach to increase awareness about the concealed environmental impact of electronics. Through participation, individuals acquire knowledge and motivation to contribute to a more sustainable digital era.