Discover biodiversity with Biodiversity Collage

Do you want to learn more about biodiversity in a fun and engaging way?

What is Biodiversity Collage?

  • A fun and collaborative workshop aimed at raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity
  • During 3 hours, participants will:
    • Discover how ecosystems work
    • Learn about the crucial role that biodiversity plays for humanity and its well-being
    • Understand the threats that biodiversity faces

Pedagogy and structure

  • Builds on collective intelligence and a game-like approach
  • Participants are divided into groups of 4-7 people
  • Together they create a collage with 39 cards representing the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss
  • The cards are based on reports from the UN’s scientific panel for biodiversity IPBES
  • The workshop is divided into the following parts:
    • Presentation of the workshop and icebreaker (15 min)
    • Exercise to understand how ecosystems work (30 min)
    • Creation of the Biodiversity Collage with the 39 cards (75 min)
    • Creative decoration of the collage (30 min)
    • Presentation of the collages, discussion and reflection (30 min)

Topics covered

  • How ecosystems work
  • The benefits of biodiversity for humanity
  • The interaction between human activities and biodiversity
  • The threats to biodiversity, such as:
    • Habitat loss
    • Pollution
    • Climate change

Practical Information

  • The workshop takes 3 hours
  • Led by a trained facilitator
  • Can be conducted both online and in-person
  • The number of participants is 4-14 per facilitator