Explore climate solutions with the En-ROADS Climate Workshop

Eager to discover what's required to combat the climate crisis? Keen on comprehending how different initiatives influence global warming? In that case, the En-ROADS Climate Workshop is just what you need!

What is the En-ROADS Climate Workshop?

  • A powerful climate simulator from Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan
  • Participants explore the impact of various climate solutions in real-time
  • The goal is a fair and sustainable transition

The learning methodology underlying the workshop

  • Builds on collective intelligence and “serious gaming
  • Participants act as decision-makers to limit warming
  • The simulator immediately shows how choices impact various factors

Main topics covered

  • Renewable energy and phasing out fossil fuels
  • Sustainable transportation and electrification
  • Land use, deforestation, and reforestation
  • Carbon dioxide storage and negative emissions

Who is the workshop intended for?

  • Anyone who wants to deepen their understanding and be inspired to take action
  • Politicians, business leaders, students, climate-engaged citizens
  • No prior knowledge required

Benefits of participating

  • Increased knowledge about the climate system and necessary measures
  • Insights into how solutions are interconnected and influence each other
  • Inspiration and tools to drive change
  • Networking with other engaged individuals
  • Team building and co-creation around a major challenge

Practical Information

  • The workshop lasts for 2-3 hours
  • Can be conducted in-person or online
  • Held in Swedish or English, materials available in multiple languages
  • Typically 20-40 participants but can be scaled up to 300