Tell me and I will forget,

Show me and I may remember,

Involve me and I will understand.

Instead of an expert lecturing, the Climate Fresk is based on participants being active in the learning process themselves. The workshop is based on 42 cards with information from the UN Climate Panel’s reports. In small groups, participants place the cards and find the connections between them, with the support of a facilitator.

Through discussions and shared aha moments, the group gradually creates a visual overview of the causes and consequences of climate change. This methodology activates the collective intelligence in the room – everyone’s unique knowledge, experiences and perspectives contribute to the overall understanding.

Understanding what is at stake is the key to accepting change and becoming part of the solution yourself.

Everyone's contributions are important

A central part of the Climate Fresk is creating a safe and inclusive context where everyone feels heard and seen.

The facilitator’s role is to ensure that everyone gets to speak, regardless of prior knowledge. The diversity of perspectives is a strength that makes the shared learning experience richer.

Even in the final reflection, the “debriefing”, it is the participants’ thoughts and feelings that are the focus.

Here there is room to share reactions, insights and questions after taking part in climate science. Through a respectful exchange, the understanding is further deepened.

Collective solutions to shared challenges

The goal of the Climate Fresk is not only to increase knowledge about climate change, but also to inspire action.

In the debriefing, participants are encouraged to discuss what measures they can take, both as individuals and together.

Here, collective intelligence comes into play once again. By sharing ideas and building on each other’s suggestions, the group can agree on the next steps for their specific context, whether it’s at work, at school, or in their personal lives.

Formulating concrete commitments together increases the motivation to go from words to action.

A methodology that creates engagement

Through its unique combination of facts, dialogue, and reflection, the Climate Fresk is a powerful tool for creating engagement in the climate issue. Over 1.6 million people in 160 countries have already experienced the power of this collective learning process.

Dive deeper with our range of workshops

The Climate Fresk is the starting point for understanding climate change, but we also offer several in-depth workshops that build on the same pedagogy and collective intelligence:
  • The Digital Collage is a workshop that raises awareness about the environmental impact of digitalization, but also addresses the general environmental effects of electronics such as emissions during manufacturing, toxic substances in products, and the growing e-waste problem.
  • In The Biodiversity Collage, you learn more about the parallel crisis of biodiversity and how it is connected to climate change.
  • The Circular Economy Collage takes a closer look at how we can transition to circular systems and business models to reduce our footprint on the planet.
Just like in the Climate Fresk, participants in these workshops explore complex topics together, share insights, and become inspired to put knowledge into action. By participating in several of our workshops, you gain a broad and deep understanding of what the climate transition entails.

Bespoke solutions for enterprises

For our corporate clients, we follow a proven facilitation methodology to maximize learning and engagement:

  • Play the game (Climate Fresk, En-ROADS, The Digital Collage, etc.) – Participants get an interactive and fact-based experience of sustainability challenges.
  • Reflect on emotions – We create space for participants to process their reactions and insights from the game.
  • Brainstorm levers and actions – The group identifies possible paths forward based on their new understanding.
  • Focus on the group’s action plan – We help participants concretize and prioritize next steps to put learnings into practice.

Bespoke solutions for educational settings

Our workshops work great for school students aged 10 and up as well.

We have developed adapted versions of certain workshops that take into account the students’ age, prior knowledge, and curriculum goals.

Through age-appropriate instructions, support materials, and discussion questions, we make sustainability issues understandable and engaging for young people.

Are you ready to become a climate change agent?

Begin your journey with a Climate Fresk workshop and then continue to build knowledge and engagement with our other workshop formats. Together, we create the change that is needed!